Places to Stay

bradford-victoriahotelNo plans for this to be one more web site listing hotels, guest houses and bed & breakfast offers in Yorkshire so instead try the  Yorkshire Tourist Board’s Official Website to find your ideal spot.

However I can recommend where to stay in a more general sense if you want to get a true flavour of the region.

The first place to consider is Whitby on the north-east coast - not simply because it is an interesting town - but also because it is an ideal base for exploring the remoter parts of this region.

Similarly the second option is Settle in the north-west since you can spend the day travelling around by foot, bike or car without having to cover the extra distance each day to / from one of the main population centres.

However there are times of the year when finding accommodation is going to be hard so you then may have to fall back to, say, Scarborough or Harrogate or even Leeds where the hotels are much more plentiful.

But where ever you decide stay you can expect a warm welcome .... at least indoors.

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